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紅葉 2019 at Sumiya Kiho-an beautiful autumnal scene with red leaves

KYOTO 紅葉Sumiya Kiho-an beautiful autumnal scene with red leaves【 YouTubeBeautiful autumnal scene in ...


Austlia wine [Heurige] party

AUSTRIAN WINE12th Zahel Heurige Wine PartyZahel Heurige Wine Fair Enjoy the marriage of Kaiseki cuis ...


Austrian Wine by the glass campaign 2019

Our recommended Austria Wine promotion fair in Autumn!You can enjoy tasting Austria Wine by the glas ...


Special offer in Autumn! ” Japanese pike conger eel and Tamba wagyu beef Kaiseki cuisine”

Small hot pot Japanese wagyu beef sukiyaki or beef shabu-shabuUpper grade , surcharge 5,500 JPY per ...


新米 Rice 2019 autumnal news

We appreciate rice farmer to be supplied fresh rice which is made by clean air and water,to cookthe ...


Cosmos flower park 2019 autumn in Kameoka

************************************From here, far away in 10min. by car, it is niceplace and parkto ...


Heuriger 2019 Weather information

We got the information of this year's heuriger from Mr.Alexander Zahel who is owner of BIO weingut Z ...


九月九日 重陽の節句 the Chrysanthemum Festival

On 9th September, the Chrysanthemum FestivalMay you wish good fortunes and wellness lifeAs a flower ...


World Heritage 下鴨神社 Shimogamo Shrine Art by teamLab 

京都 KYOTO 下鴨神社Shimogamo Shrine 糺の森TADASUNO MORIDigitized Forest at the World Heritage Site of Shimoga ...


Gozan no Okuribi Ritual Fires

Lighting up the summer night sky, the Gozan no Okuribi Ritual Fires are a part of the religious Obon ...

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