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Gozan no Okuribi Ritual Fires


Lighting up the summer night sky, the Gozan no Okuribi Ritual Fires are a part of the religious Obon period, as iconic image of summer in Kyoto.It is believed that the spirits of the departed return to visit the world of the living, before returning at the end of the festivities.

At 8 p.m, buildings within the city center will turn off their lights, and the “Dai” (meaning “big”) character will rise out of the darkness on Higashiyama’s Mt. Nyoigatake. Next will be the “myo” (meaning “wondrous”) character on Matsugasaki’s Mt. Nishiyama, and “ho” (designed to follow “myo,” and meaning “dharma”) on Mt. Higashiyama. The “Funa-gata” or shape of a boat will appear next on Mt. Funeyama in Nishigamo, then the “hidari daimonji” (a second “big” character) on Mt. Okitayama Daimonjiyama in Kinugasa, and finally, the “Torii-gata” (the shape of a shrine’s torii gate) on Mt. Mandara in Saga.
The Gozan no Okuribi rituals are also meant to signal the end of summer in Kyoto.

The event is  Intangible Folk Cultural Property in Kyoto.


Lighting time

August 16th, 2019

20:00 at Higashiyama

next, from the north to west’s

mountain lighting,

Fires will be lit at 20:00.



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TEL: +81-(0)75-343-0548





















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