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Appreciation for you in 2015, Wish you happy new year 2016!

Thank you for your visiting and stay in our Sumiya Kiho-an in 2015.Compared to ex-year's, a lot of f ...


Merry Christmas !

Well, today is Christmas day! May our all guests, staffs, their family and you wishMerry Christmas!! ...


冬至 Winter Solstice “To-Ji”

Well, Today is special day in Japan, because it is the day of the winter solstice, called 'toji' .To ...


Notice for lunch and onsen package in New Year’s vacation

From 25th December to 4th January 2016, we will have no operationfor lunch and onsen package due to ...


Kyoto illumiere 2015

Today's topic is about maximum illumination event in Kyoto!!You will be able to access there before ...


Kyoto Hanatouro 2015

It has been chilly and cold days, beautiful scenery of red maple leaves was nearly over.At Saga Aras ...


Winter season is close to come….

In our library,with refined works, all our guests can indulge in the time-honored Japanese tradition ...


Today’s autumn red leaves 16/11/2015

Now, it has been peak of season you can enjoy seeing it in 5 - 7 days.


Exclusive exhibition of the sliding screen and wall painting on 3rd November

On 3rd November, it is cultural national holiday in Japan.At local temple "Kongo-ji" in Kameoka, exc ...


Today’s autumn red leaves 01/11/2015

Have you enjoyed last Halloween night??Well, it is getting cold weather day by day and maple leaves ...

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