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Renewal Open! Terrace and “Cafe Grüner”


“Cafe Grüner”, after the renovation of Terrace in front of our Main communal onsen bath,

We have pre-opened the cafe.


「Cafe Grüner(カフェグリューナー)」derived the name of traditional

white grape from Austria vinyard. Grüner means ” in the green scenery”,

may you enjoy the moment to stay at night at our traditional Kyoto Onsen

ryokan inn.


We are proud of NO.1 Austria wine promoter and supplier, our guest chill out

with tasting our recommended wine and drinks.



At weekend night, you will be able to listen to the live music performance played by Acoustic guitar.

Next time, it will be on 26th August. Please check it out and come to see the special event!


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